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There are 3 different dilutions you can make with Earth Wash. We have the AP (all-purpose), the HD (heavy duty), and the FM (foaming) dilutions. Now you can make each one or make extra of your favorite one. If you have never purchased Earth Wash before, be sure and check out the 4 oz pump sprayer for the AP dilution and the 8 oz foamer bottle for the FM dilution in our accessories line. 

"Life-Changing" Breakthrough in Cleaning Solutions!

Earth Wash is an amazing, non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaning product that is totally bio-degradable and safe for you and the environment. It is made from extracts of plant-based ingredients such as: coconut, corn, cactus, grains, herbs, grass, sugar cane, tree sap, potatoes, and other vegetables. It contains NO harmful toxic chemicals, bleach, citrus oils, or carcinogen-causing agents. It has no unpleasant odors, and is non-fuming. It is not only safe to use as a general purpose cleaning solution, it is great as a heavy duty degreaser, or oven cleaner, yet is also safe to use for personal hygiene. You can wash your hands, face, hair, or your entire body. Try it for shaving and you will throw away your current product. Earth Wash is unique because it is safe enough to wipe a baby's bottom clean, yet effective enough to clean your toughest household jobs. Would you feel safe using your current household cleaner to wash your face? Not likely.

There are 7 categories for cleaning with Earth Wash with over 101 uses!

All Purpose (AP) for general cleaning : Start with 1 gallon of distilled, or reverse osmosis (R.O.) water. First remove 2 oz. of water and then pour in the 2 oz. bottle of Earth Wash. It is best to just leave the bottle turned upside down resting on the opening of the jug to fully drain into the gallon jug. Shake to mix and it’s ready to use.

Heavy Duty (HD) for grease, etc.: Start with 64 oz. (1/2 gal.) of distilled, or R.O. water. Pour in 2 oz. bottle of Earth Wash. Follow remaining instructions for general purpose cleaning.

Foaming (FM) for personal hygiene: Add 2 oz. Earth Wash to 40 oz. of distilled, or R.O. water. Optional: Add some drops of your favorite essential oil. For best results: Pour into a foaming dispenser which adds oxygen to make a luxurious foam.

Tip: The reason for using distilled, or R.O. water is because tap water contains minerals and impurities, such as chemicals and chlorine. Earth Wash will surround those particles causing them to drop to the bottom of the container, resulting in a white residue on the bottom of the jug. Distilled and R.O. water is free of those particles. It is still okay to use tap water, as long as you don't mix the white residue back into the Earth Wash you will be using for cleaning. Once you have made up your solution of Earth Wash with the proper water, it is okay to use tap water when adding that Earth Wash solution to more water for things such as carpet cleaning machines, or to a sink of dirty dishes.

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